Alokrupswam RipStik Caster Board – 2 Wheel Pivoting Skateboard

Alokrupswam RipStik Caster Board – 2 Wheel Pivoting Skateboard

Alokrupswam RipStik Caster Board – 2 Wheel Pivoting Skateboard

The RipStik DLX Caster Board brings the carving thrill of surfing and snowboarding to dry land! With its unique twisting motion, you can move forward without ever pushing off the ground. The 360-degree inclined casters and pivoting deck provide a unique carving motion that will make you feel like you’re riding the waves or shredding the slopes.


Twisting Motion

The RipStik DLX Caster Board allows you to move forward with a twisting motion, eliminating the need to push off the ground. This makes it easier and more fun to ride, as you can focus on carving and maneuvering.

360-Degree Inclined Casters

The casters on the RipStik DLX are designed to rotate 360 degrees, allowing for smooth and fluid turns. This gives you the freedom to carve and change direction with ease, just like you would on a surfboard or snowboard.

Pivoting Deck

The deck of the RipStik DLX is designed to pivot, providing a responsive and dynamic riding experience. This allows you to easily shift your weight and control the direction of the board, giving you maximum control and maneuverability.

Concave Deck and Traction Plates

The RipStik DLX features a concave deck and traction plates, which provide increased foot control and grip. This ensures that you stay securely on the board, even during sharp turns and tricks.

High-Performance Wheels and Bearings

Equipped with 76mm urethane wheels and high-performance ABEC-5 bearings, the RipStik DLX offers an unbelievably smooth ride. Whether you’re cruising down the street or carving up the skatepark, you’ll enjoy a fast and responsive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the RipStik DLX suitable for?

The RipStik DLX is recommended for ages 8 and up. It’s a versatile skateboard that can be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults alike.

What is the weight limit for the RipStik DLX?

The RipStik DLX can support a rider up to 100 kg. It’s built to be sturdy and durable, ensuring that riders of all sizes can enjoy the thrill of carving and cruising.

Can I perform tricks on the RipStik DLX?

Yes, the RipStik DLX is designed for riders who want to take their skateboarding skills to the next level. It features prostyle elements such as a kick tail and nose, spiked traction pads, and a concave deck design, allowing you to carve downhill faster and land tricks in style.


The Alokrupswam RipStik Caster Board is a unique and thrilling skateboard that brings the carving experience of surfing and snowboarding to dry land. With its twisting motion, 360-degree inclined casters, and pivoting deck, it offers a smooth and dynamic ride. Equipped with high-performance wheels and bearings, it’s suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced rider wanting to perform tricks, the RipStik DLX is the perfect choice.