Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage

Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage

Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage

Are you tired of musty odors and moths ruining your clothes in the closet? Look no further than Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage. Our 15 pack of 100% natural cedar wood blocks is the perfect solution for keeping your clothes fresh and protected.

Why Choose Cedar Space Cedar Blocks?

Our cedar blocks are made from aromatic red cedar wood, which naturally repels moths and other insects. The pleasant scent of cedar also helps to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Unlike chemical-based mothballs, our cedar blocks are completely safe and non-toxic.

Benefits of Cedar Space Cedar Blocks:

  • 100% natural cedar wood
  • Repels moths and insects
  • Fresh and aromatic scent
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • 15 pack for maximum coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cedar blocks do I need for my closet?

The number of cedar blocks you need depends on the size of your closet. As a general guideline, we recommend using one cedar block per cubic foot of closet space. Our 15 pack is suitable for most standard-sized closets.

How long do cedar blocks last?

Cedar blocks can last for several years if properly cared for. To maintain their effectiveness, we recommend sanding the blocks lightly every 6-12 months to refresh the cedar scent.

Can I use cedar blocks for other storage areas?

Absolutely! Cedar blocks are not limited to closets. You can use them in drawers, storage boxes, and even in your car to keep your belongings fresh and protected.


Investing in Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage is a smart choice for anyone looking to protect their clothes from moths and musty odors. With our 100% natural cedar wood blocks, you can enjoy a fresh and aromatic scent while keeping your clothes in pristine condition. Say goodbye to mothballs and hello to the natural benefits of cedar!