Craft A Brew Making Home Kit – Pinot Grigio

Craft A Brew Making Home Kit – Pinot Grigio

Craft A Brew Making Home Kit – Pinot Grigio

Complete Beginners Wine Kit

You don’t have to be a master vintner or expert to create the perfect wine. Craft A Brew provides it all, with enough ingredients and supplies for 1 gallon (or 5 750mL bottles) of exquisite, delightful flavor.

Great Grigio

The varieties of the Pinot Gris grape are difficult to master, but Craft A Brew has provided you with pleasant grapes from the famed Italian wine country for a Pinot Grigio like no other.

Homebrewing Ingredients

Enjoy a recipe involving high-quality yeast, additives, and fruit juice from some of the world’s most respected vineyards so you can enjoy delicious wine in the comfort of your own home.

DIY Homemade Starter Kit

Whether you drink from the bottle or the bucket, make sure you’re drinking quality wine made from top-notch supplies, including our carboy, funnel, tubing, airlock, Guide to Making Wine, and more.

Craft A Brew Quality

All the supplies and equipment in our deluxe master batch making kit are assembled by hand in Orlando, FL instilled with the core values of providing high-quality ingredients, elegant and effective design, and an environmentally sustainable mindset. Enjoy a glass the right way with your own Craft a Brew kit.