ENJOHOS Climbing Harness – Full Body Catch Harness for Outdoor Activities

ENJOHOS Climbing Harness – Full Body Catch Harness for Outdoor Activities

ENJOHOS Climbing Harness – Full Body Catch Harness for Outdoor Activities


The ENJOHOS Climbing Harness is a high-quality and durable full body catch harness designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are into mountaineering, tree climbing, or require fall protection, this harness is built to provide maximum safety and comfort.

Features and Benefits

1. Chest Loops

The harness is equipped with chest loops that provide additional support and stability during climbing activities. These loops ensure that the harness stays securely in place, allowing you to focus on your adventure without any distractions.

2. Removable Safety Belt

The ENJOHOS Climbing Harness features a removable safety belt that adds an extra layer of protection. This belt can be easily attached or detached according to your specific needs, providing flexibility and convenience.

3. Multi-Purpose Waist Hip Protection Belt

Designed for versatility, this harness includes a waist hip protection belt that offers excellent support and stability. It helps distribute the weight evenly across your body, reducing strain and fatigue during long climbing sessions.

4. Mountaineering and Tree Climbing

Whether you are conquering mountains or exploring trees, the ENJOHOS Climbing Harness is your reliable companion. Its sturdy construction and secure fit ensure your safety while enjoying these thrilling activities.

5. Fall Protection

Safety is paramount when it comes to outdoor adventures. This harness is specifically designed to provide fall protection, giving you peace of mind during risky climbs. The ENJOHOS Climbing Harness meets industry standards and regulations, ensuring your safety at all times.


The ENJOHOS Climbing Harness is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Its innovative design, including chest loops, removable safety belt, and waist hip protection belt, offers maximum safety and comfort. Whether you are mountaineering, tree climbing, or in need of fall protection, this harness will exceed your expectations. Invest in your safety and enjoy your outdoor adventures with the ENJOHOS Climbing Harness.