Innovation: Echoes of the Past (Third Edition)

Innovation: Echoes of the Past (Third Edition)

Innovation: Echoes of the Past (Third Edition)

Innovation: A Game of Civilization and Strategy

In loose terms, Innovation is a Civilization-style game in which players first have access to low-powered cards in age 1, then build up to more powerful cards in later ages, stacking new acquisitions on old to build the strength of their holdings. Players meld cards, score points, and take special actions (called “dogma actions”) unique to their cards in play in order to claim achievements. The first player to claim 4-6 achievements, depending on the number of players, wins the game.

Introducing Echoes of the Past

Innovation: Echoes of the Past changes the gameplay from the base game in a number of exciting ways. Firstly, there are now two draw decks to get cards from in each age. Players draw Echoes cards or Base cards depending on the contents of their hand, adding a new layer of strategy and variety to the game. Secondly, the maximum player count is increased to five, allowing for larger and more competitive matches.

New Game Mechanisms

Innovation: Echoes of the Past introduces innovative game mechanisms that further enhance the strategic depth of the game. With the new “foreshadow” ability, players can stash a card under their player board, strategically bringing it into play on a later turn when they meld a card from the same age or a higher one. This adds a new level of planning and anticipation to each move.

Additionally, the “echo” ability allows players to take advantage of the dogma actions of multiple cards in play. When a player takes the dogma action of a card, they can receive additional actions shown on that card and any other cards visible in the same stack. This opens up new possibilities for chaining powerful actions and creating game-changing combos.

Experience the Echoes of the Past

Innovation: Echoes of the Past (Third Edition) is a must-have expansion for fans of the base game. With its new gameplay elements and increased player count, it offers a fresh and exciting experience for both new and experienced players. Dive into the world of Innovation and discover the echoes of the past as you build your civilization and strive for victory through strategic card play.