Kinderkraft Bike – The Perfect Balance Bike for Kids

Kinderkraft Bike – The Perfect Balance Bike for Kids

Kinderkraft Bike – The Perfect Balance Bike for Kids

Product Description

Introducing the Kinderkraft Bike, a pack of 1 balance bike designed to provide the best comfort and safety for your child. Made with a wooden frame, this bike is not only stylish but also durable. The handle on the frame ensures easy transportation of the bicycle.

The comfortable seat with soft filling can be easily adjusted in height, ranging from 37 to 44 cm, allowing your child to find the perfect riding position. The fashionable design and unique colors give the bike a character that stands out from the rest. The low profile tires and large rim add a sporty touch to the bike’s appearance.

Balance bikes are the best alternative to bicycles with side wheels as they make riding a classic bike pleasant and easy to learn. The ergonomic and lightweight construction made of birch wood ensures full stability, while the high-quality materials guarantee your child’s safety. The handles are covered with anti-slip rubber to prevent the child’s hands from slipping off the steering wheel.

The wood used in the construction of the bike is properly secured, and all edges have been rounded to ensure there are no rough or sharp elements. The steering wheel lock prevents excessive and uncontrolled steering while driving, protecting your child from falling. The bike is made according to the latest European safety standards (EN 71-1: 2014 + A1: 2018).

The Kinderkraft Bike features large 12-inch shock-absorbing EVA foam wheels with high abrasion resistance, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. It has a maximum weight capacity of 35 kg, making it suitable for children of various ages.

Set Contains:

  • Bike
  • Comfortable seat with soft filling and easy height adjustment
  • Product tested and approved according to European safety standards (EN 71-1, BS 8509: 2008 + A1: 2011)


  • Wheels: Shock-absorbing EVA foam
  • Frame: Birch wood
  • Handles: Rubber
  • Dimensions: Length – 62 cm, Width – 37.5 cm, Height – 72 cm
  • Weight: 3.4 kg

Brand: Kinderkraft