Kmise Concert Ukulele Set Solid Spruce Top Mahogany Ukelele

Kmise Concert Ukulele Set Solid Spruce Top Mahogany Ukelele

Kmise Concert Ukulele Set


The Kmise Concert Ukulele Set is a high-quality instrument designed for beginners to intermediate players and music lovers. With its classical guitar head and solid spruce top, this ukulele offers a unique and elegant design. The combination of materials used in its construction, such as mahogany for the back and sides, and okoume for the neck, ensures a rich and vibrant sound.

Main Features

  • Classical guitar head for a special and elegant design
  • Solid spruce top for a brighter and more resonant sound
  • Mahogany back and sides for added warmth and depth
  • Okoume neck for durability and stability
  • 18 frets with cupronickel wire for accurate intonation
  • Real bone nut and saddle for improved tone and sustain
  • Chrome and open machine head for precise tuning
  • Aquila strings made in Italy for superior playability
  • Real abalone inlay soundhole rosette for a touch of elegance
  • ABS binding for added protection and durability
  • Nature matte finish for a smooth and comfortable feel

Package Includes

  • 1 x Classical Guitar Style Concert Ukulele
  • 1 x Ukulele Bag
  • 1 x Ukulele Strap
  • 1 x Ukulele String
  • 1 x Felt Picks
  • 3 x Guitar Picks
  • 1 x Capo
  • 1 x JOYO Tuner
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x Rhythm Shaker

Why Choose the Kmise Concert Ukulele Set?

The Kmise Concert Ukulele Set stands out from other ukuleles in the market due to its exceptional features and value for money. The solid spruce top enhances the overall sound quality, making it brighter and more suitable for playing and singing. The real bone nut and saddle, combined with the Italy Aquila strings, contribute to a rich and resonant tone.

Furthermore, the accurate fret wire length and carefully sanded frets ensure a comfortable playing experience, especially for beginners. The ukulele is easy to hold and minimizes the risk of hand scratches. Additionally, the package includes 9 essential ukulele accessories for free, making it a perfect gift for both beginners and professional players.

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