LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food Variety Sampler Bundles

LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food Variety Sampler Bundles

LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food Variety Sampler Bundles

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy food option for your beloved parrot? Look no further than LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food Variety Sampler Bundles. These bundles are made with non-GMO and human-grade ingredients, ensuring that your feathered friend gets the best nutrition possible.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

This bundle includes four 10oz bags of Lafeber’s Gourmet Nutri-Berries: 1 Tropical Fruit, 1 El Paso, 1 Sunny Orchard, and 1 Garden Veggie. Each variety contains human-grade pieces of fruit and vegetables, providing a diverse and flavorful diet for your parrot.

Tropical Fruit

The Tropical Fruit variety includes delicious pieces of pineapples, papayas, and mangos. These tropical flavors will surely delight your parrot’s taste buds.

El Paso

For a bit of spice, the El Paso variety features red and green bell peppers and spices. It adds a kick of flavor to your parrot’s meal.

Sunny Orchard

Sunny Orchard offers bits of cranberries, apricots, and dates. The sweet and tangy flavors of these fruits will keep your parrot coming back for more.

Garden Veggie

Garden Veggie includes pieces of carrots, broccoli, and peas. These nutritious vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals for your parrot’s well-being.

Why Choose LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries?

LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries are not only delicious but also nutritionally complete avian diets. They can be fed as your parrot’s main food or as a nutritious snack. These Nutri-Berries offer all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants your parrot needs to live a long and healthy life.

In addition to their nutritional benefits, LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries also provide important beak play and exercise for your parrot. The seeds are hulled and coated with stabilized vitamins and chelated minerals, ensuring a balanced diet. Plus, the unground seeds provide the benefits of whole foods, just like birds have in the wild.

Our Commitment to Quality

At LAFEBER’S, we take pride in providing high-quality pet bird food. We are a second-generation-family-and-veterinarian-owned company based in the farmlands of Illinois, USA. All of our foods are mixed with human-grade and non-GMO ingredients, ensuring that your parrot receives the best nutrition possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these Nutri-Berries be fed to other bird species?

While these Nutri-Berries are specifically formulated for parrots, they can also be enjoyed by other bird species. However, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian to ensure the right diet for your bird.

2. How should I store the Nutri-Berries?

It’s recommended to store the Nutri-Berries in a cool, dry place to maintain their freshness and quality. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

3. Are these Nutri-Berries suitable for birds of all ages?

Yes, these Nutri-Berries are suitable for birds of all ages. They provide essential nutrients for both growing birds and adult birds.


Give your parrot the best with LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food Variety Sampler Bundles. Made with non-GMO and human-grade ingredients, these bundles offer a delicious and nutritious diet for your feathered friend. Choose LAFEBER’S for quality and taste!