Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger

Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger

Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger

Are you an outdoor enthusiast, hiking or camping junkie, or someone who simply enjoys long adventures and travels outside? If so, you will love the convenience of the Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger. This solar-powered charger allows you to enjoy the sights and beauty of nature while keeping your important gadgets powered by pure solar energy.

Best Charging Accessory for Outdoors

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or just enjoying the great outdoors, the Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger is the best charging accessory you can have. With its highly efficient solar panels, you can easily power your devices using the sun’s energy. Say goodbye to worrying about running out of battery while exploring nature.

Designed for Easy Carry and Travel

The Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger is designed with convenience in mind. It is lightweight, weighing only 23oz, and compact when folded. You can easily carry it or attach it to your backpack using the included hanging hooks and eyelets. It also comes with a zipped lock pouch to safely store your gadgets while charging outdoors.


This solar charger features 2 USB Type-A ports that are widely compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and other USB gadgets. It supports micro USB charging cables for Android units, USB-C to Type-A cables, and USB-A to Lightning cables for iPhone units. It can power devices that require 2.4A (5V) or 4.0A (5V) charging.

Package Inclusion

  • Nekteck 28W Solar Charger
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Metal hooks


It’s important to note that the total USB output of this charger is 5V/4.8A max, and the maximum wattage is up to 28W. The charging process may be affected by conditions like the quality and consistency of sunlight. This solar charger does not store power like a power bank, so it needs direct exposure to the sun to charge. It is recommended to pair it with a power bank for continuous charging even when the sun is not out.

High Efficiency Nekteck’s Portable Solar Charger

Are you an outdoor enthusiast planning to travel? The Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger is your perfect outdoor companion! It is made with Maxeon cells that are proven to be superior to monocrystalline cells. These 4 solar panels are efficient enough to provide 28W of power with 24% efficiency. It also comes with IC Chip technology that can detect battery requirements and safely charge your device.

Charges 2 Devices at a Time, Vast Compatibility

This foldable solar panel charger has a maximum output of (5V) 2.4A per port, with a total charging power of (5V) 4.0A for 2 ports. It is suitable for iPhone series, iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy tablets, Galaxy S, GPS devices, cameras, and other USB devices. Please note that the USB-A to Lightning Cable is not included.

Portable Solar Panels for Camping

The Nekteck 28W Portable Solar Panel Charger is designed with the perfect features for your travel needs. It is IPX4 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and heat resistant. It comes with 2 carabiner clips, 5 eyelets, durable Velcro, and a zippered pouch to store your phone, batteries, and more. You can easily attach it to your backpack or travel bag, making it a perfect backpacking solar panel.

Foldable and Lightweight

Our solar USB charger is easy to carry and you can take it anywhere! It has a compact folded size of about 16×28.194×2.794 cm, and an open size of 82×28.19×1.778 cm. It weighs only 650g and can adopt a notebook size for your comfort.

Words from Nekteck

Our solar portable charger comes with 1x Micro USB cable, 1x user manual, and 1x metal hooks. It also includes a 2-year warranty and lifetime customer service. If you have any questions regarding the product, feel free to contact us.