Nemesis Now Officially Licensed Metallica Sad But True Tankard 15.5cm Blue (B6011V2)

Nemesis Now Officially Licensed Metallica Sad But True Tankard 15.5cm, Blue (B6011V2)

Nemesis Now Officially Licensed Metallica Sad But True Tankard 15.5cm, Blue (B6011V2)


Welcome to the world of officially licensed Metallica merchandise! Nemesis Now presents the Metallica Sad But True Tankard, a must-have collectible for any Metallica fan. This 15.5cm tankard is not only a functional drinking vessel but also a stunning piece of art. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tankard is cast in the finest resin and expertly hand-painted. Let’s dive into the features and uniqueness of this incredible Metallica tankard.

Main Features

1. Officially Licensed Merchandise

As an officially licensed Metallica product, you can be assured of its authenticity and quality. This tankard is an officially endorsed item, making it a valuable addition to any Metallica collection.

2. Metallica Tankard

The Metallica Sad But True Tankard showcases the iconic Metallica logo and artwork from the “Sad But True” album. It is a perfect representation of the band’s powerful and dark aesthetic. This tankard allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages while paying homage to one of the greatest metal bands of all time.

3. Cast in the Finest Resin

The tankard is crafted with the utmost attention to detail using high-quality resin. This material ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable and long-lasting collectible. The tankard’s sturdy construction allows for regular use without compromising its visual appeal.

4. Expertly Hand-Painted

Each tankard is meticulously hand-painted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision. The intricate artwork and vibrant colors make this tankard a true masterpiece. The hand-painted finish adds a unique touch, making each tankard slightly different and one-of-a-kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this tankard dishwasher safe?

A: No, we recommend hand-washing this tankard to preserve its hand-painted finish and prevent any potential damage.

Q: What is the capacity of this tankard?

A: The Metallica Sad But True Tankard has a capacity of 15.5cm, providing ample space for your favorite beverages.

Q: Can I use this tankard for hot beverages?

A: Yes, this tankard is suitable for both hot and cold beverages. However, please exercise caution when handling hot liquids.

Q: Is this tankard a limited edition item?

A: Yes, this tankard is a limited edition piece, making it even more exclusive and desirable for Metallica fans.

In conclusion, the Nemesis Now Officially Licensed Metallica Sad But True Tankard is a must-have for any Metallica enthusiast. With its officially licensed status, stunning artwork, and high-quality construction, this tankard stands out as a unique and valuable collectible. Whether you’re a fan of Metallica or simply appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, this tankard is sure to impress. Get your hands on this limited edition Metallica merchandise and elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level.