PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand

PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand

PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand


The PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand is a game-changer when it comes to finding the perfect stand for your 37-65, 70 inch LCD OLED flat or curved screen TVs. With its height adjustable feature and wire management system, it offers convenience and functionality like no other.

Main Features

  • Swivel design for optimal viewing angles
  • Height adjustable to suit your preferred TV height
  • Compatible with both flat and curved screen TVs
  • Supports VESA 600x400mm mounting patterns
  • Can hold TVs weighing up to 88lbs
  • Wire management system to keep cables organized and hidden

Swivel Design for Optimal Viewing Angles

The PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand allows you to easily adjust the angle of your TV for the best viewing experience. Whether you’re watching from the couch or from a different part of the room, you can swivel the TV stand to find the perfect angle without straining your neck.

Height Adjustable for Personalized Comfort

Not everyone has the same preference when it comes to TV height. With this TV stand, you have the freedom to adjust the height according to your comfort level. Whether you prefer a lower position for a more immersive experience or a higher position for better visibility, this stand has got you covered.

Compatible with Flat and Curved Screen TVs

Gone are the days when you had to buy separate stands for your flat and curved screen TVs. The PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand is designed to accommodate both types of screens. No matter what type of TV you have, this stand will provide a secure and stable base.

VESA Compatibility and Weight Capacity

The TV stand supports VESA 600x400mm mounting patterns, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of TVs. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of up to 88lbs, making it suitable for most TVs in the 37-65, 70 inch range.

Wire Management System

Tired of tangled cables and messy setups? The PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand comes with a built-in wire management system that allows you to neatly organize and hide your cables. Say goodbye to unsightly wires and hello to a clean and organized entertainment area.

Experience the convenience and versatility of the PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand. With its swivel design, height adjustability, VESA compatibility, and wire management system, it is the perfect solution for your TV stand needs.