PRIVATE RESERVE Ink Bottle – Fast Dry Inks Midnight Blue (60mL)

PRIVATE RESERVE, Ink Bottle – Fast Dry Inks Midnight Blue (60mL)

PRIVATE RESERVE, Ink Bottle – Fast Dry Inks Midnight Blue (60mL)


Welcome to the world of PRIVATE RESERVE Fast Dry Inks! In this article, we will explore the exceptional Midnight Blue ink, known for its fast-drying properties and captivating color. Whether you are a calligrapher, a fountain pen enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the art of writing, this ink is sure to elevate your writing experience.

Main Features

1. Fast Drying

Say goodbye to smudged ink! PRIVATE RESERVE Fast Dry Inks are specially formulated to dry quickly, allowing you to write with confidence and avoid any unwanted smears or smudges. The Midnight Blue ink dries in seconds, ensuring your words stay pristine on the page.

2. Vibrant Color

The Midnight Blue shade is a true delight for the eyes. Its deep, rich hue adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your writing. Whether you’re jotting down notes, writing a letter, or creating beautiful calligraphy, this ink will make your words come alive on the page.

3. Long-Lasting

With a generous 60mL capacity, this ink bottle will last you a long time. The high-quality formulation ensures that a little goes a long way, allowing you to enjoy the Midnight Blue ink for countless writing sessions. It’s the perfect companion for all your writing endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the ink take to dry?

A: The PRIVATE RESERVE Fast Dry Inks, including the Midnight Blue shade, dry within seconds, providing you with smudge-free writing.

Q: Can I use this ink with any type of fountain pen?

A: Yes, the PRIVATE RESERVE Fast Dry Inks are compatible with most fountain pens. However, we recommend checking your pen’s specifications to ensure optimal performance.

Q: Is the Midnight Blue ink waterproof?

A: While the ink offers excellent resistance to water, it is not completely waterproof. It may withstand light exposure to water, but prolonged contact or submersion may cause the ink to fade or smudge.


In summary, the PRIVATE RESERVE Fast Dry Inks Midnight Blue (60mL) ink bottle is a must-have for any writing enthusiast. Its fast-drying formula, vibrant color, and long-lasting nature make it a reliable and stylish choice. Elevate your writing experience with this exquisite ink and let your words flow effortlessly on the page.

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