Prestige Essentials Granite Non-Stick WOK Pan with Lid

Prestige Essentials Granite Non-Stick WOK Pan with Lid

Prestige Essentials Granite Non-Stick WOK Pan with Lid

The Prestige Essentials 32cm Wok pan w/lid granite non-stick aluminium green is specially designed with cast aluminium and coated with synthetic marble coating that is food-grade safe and non-toxic. Specially designed with green-coloured granite coating, the 32 cm wok pan with lid looks trendy for the modern kitchen. The non-stick coating offers convenience for cooking and cleaning with the food practically never sticking to the surface of the wok. With high-sided walls that are deep, the heat retention property of the wok frying pan enables easy sautéing, frying, and cooking. This perfect cookware comes with a scratch-resistant granite-finish coating that resists any damage due to long-lasting use. The flat wok induction base of the wok also enables it to be used directly from the kitchen to the table with its well-balanced structure.

Convenient Twin Handles

The heat-resistant side handles of this non-stick granite wok pan offer a tight grip for easy uplifting from the cooktop to the serving table. With added safety, the soft touch handle offers a special grip for tossing, sautéing, and frying with ease.

All Hobs & Induction Cookware

The 32 cm granite wok pan can be used on any sort of cooking surface. It is specially designed to be compatible with ceramic hobs, infrared cooktops, induction stoves, gas burners, and hot plates.

Granite Non-Stick Coating

Environmentally friendly and food-safe non-stick coating of this cooking wok pan allows oil-free cooking thanks to its multi-layer non-stick coating. This long-lasting cookware’s unique multilayer covering prevents chipping or cracking.

Long-Lasting Glide & Easy Cleaning

Bringing simplicity and convenience to your daily cooking, the smooth non-stick coating on the interior and exterior ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

Crafted with high-level comfort and utility in mind, the green wok pan is made with a lightweight yet durable design that is easy to deal with and cook with.

Durable Exterior With Glossy finish

More functional and easy to clean, the high gloss exterior finish of this cooking casserole dish with lid makes a great display and adds décor to the kitchen décor or dining table.

Toughened Glass Lid

Our Glass Lid is made from non-breakable glass with vent hole which allows steam to pass through with stainless steel rim for perfect fit on the casserole.

Prestige Quality Assurance

Manufacturing and designing highest quality products for over 80 years to make your life easier in the kitchen. A brand that you can trust.