Rebalance India Electro Physiotherapy Combination TENS with Ultrasonic Machine Combo

Rebalance India Electro Physiotherapy Combination TENS with Ultrasonic Machine Combo


Rebalance India Ultrasonic with Dual Channel TENS is a unique and innovative product that combines electrotherapy and heat therapy. This combination makes it highly effective for pain management and an ideal choice for physiotherapy. With its ability to block out pain in the cerebral lobes, it enhances therapy sessions and provides relief for various conditions such as cerebral issues, knee pain, back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and promotes increased blood circulation.


– TENS machine with timer: 01 ~ 99 minutes
– Frequency options: 2hz, 10hz, 50hz, 100hz, 150hz
– Gel bottle size: 250ml
– Therapeutic ultrasound for deep heat treatment
– Reduces swelling and inflammation
– Encourages protein synthesis and lymphatic drainage
– Cellulite reduction and tissue regeneration
– Accelerates cell metabolism
– Output modes: continuous/pulse (1:1, 1:4, 1:7, 1:10)
– Maximum intensity: 3w/cm2
– Programmable timer: 01 ~ 99 minutes
– Lightweight and compact design

Benefits of Electro Physiotherapy Combination TENS with Ultrasonic Machine Combo

The combination of electrotherapy and heat therapy in this product offers numerous benefits for pain management and physiotherapy. The TENS machine helps block out pain signals in the cerebral lobes, providing relief for various conditions. The therapeutic ultrasound delivers deep heat treatment, reducing swelling and inflammation, promoting protein synthesis, and accelerating cell metabolism. This combo is highly effective in increasing blood circulation, promoting healing, and providing relaxation.


  1. How long should each therapy session last?
  2. Each therapy session can be programmed for a duration of 1 to 99 minutes, depending on individual needs and preferences.

  3. Can this combo be used for sports injuries?
  4. Yes, this combo is highly effective for sports injuries. It helps reduce pain, inflammation, and promotes healing.

  5. Is the machine easy to use?
  6. Yes, the machine is designed to be user-friendly with a compact and lightweight design. The user manual provides guidelines for easy operation.

  7. Is there a warranty for this combo?
  8. Yes, this combo comes with a one-year replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects.


The Rebalance India Electro Physiotherapy Combination TENS with Ultrasonic Machine Combo is a revolutionary product that offers the perfect blend of electrotherapy and heat therapy. It provides effective pain management, promotes healing, and is an excellent choice for physiotherapy. With its user-friendly design and one-year replacement warranty, this combo is a reliable and efficient solution for various conditions. Invest in this combo and experience the benefits of advanced electro physiotherapy.