Scangrip Nova 6 SPS Bulb, Black – Grey

Scangrip Nova 6 SPS Bulb, Black – Grey

Scangrip Nova 6 SPS Bulb, Black – Grey

Introducing the Scangrip Nova 6 SPS Bulb, the ultimate work light for demanding professionals. With its latest COB LED technology, this work light provides an impressive 6,000 lumens, ensuring maximum brightness for any task at hand.

One of the standout features of the Nova 6 SPS is its extreme robustness. Made from injected aluminium, this work light is built to withstand even the most demanding work environments. It is completely dust and water resistant with an IP67 rating, giving you peace of mind that it will perform flawlessly in any condition.

The design of the Nova 6 SPS is not only functional but also stylish. It comes with a convenient carry handle and a stand for flexible positioning. It can also be directly mounted on the Scangrip tripod, allowing for easy setup and adjustment.

But the Nova 6 SPS doesn’t stop at just being a powerful work light. It also features a built-in power bank with a USB socket, allowing you to charge your mobile devices anywhere. This is especially useful when working in remote locations or during power outages.

One of the most innovative features of the Nova 6 SPS is its built-in Bluetooth light control. With the accompanying mobile app, you have the ability to turn on and off up to four work lights and adjust the light output to five different levels. This level of control allows you to customize the lighting to suit your specific work task, saving you time and increasing work efficiency.

About this item

  • High Efficiency COB LED
  • 6000 lumens
  • Bluetooth: App light control via phone app
  • 5-level adjustable light output / on/off function / pin code assignment / battery level check / control up to 5 lamps
  • Ik07/ ip65
  • Working hours: up to 20 hours

With its impressive features and specifications, the Scangrip Nova 6 SPS Bulb is the ultimate work light for professionals. Its high brightness, durability, and innovative Bluetooth light control make it a must-have tool for any demanding work environment. Experience the power and versatility of the Nova 6 SPS and take your work to the next level.