Swarovski Kris Bear – Sweet as Honey

Swarovski Kris Bear – Sweet as Honey

Swarovski Kris Bear – Sweet as Honey

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Beautifully crafted

Swarovski Kris Bear figurines are crystal made with 449 sparkling facets. They add elegance to your home with Swarovski home figurines.

Elegant decoration

Add cuteness to your home with the Kris Bear collection. Each bear is designed to the Swarovski standard and adds real charm to your interior.

Refined design

The world-renowned quality and precision Swarovski is recognized for come together to create the sparkling Kris Bear Collection. It is a suitable addition to your holiday traditions.

Crystal brilliance

Brighten your home with this stunning animal-inspired decoration. It is a suitable gift for all special moments, from weddings and anniversaries to the birthdays of loved ones.

Items delivered

  • 1 x Swarovski Kris Bear ‘Sweet As Honey’ figurine
  • Decoration object and not a toy
  • Stunning crystal figurine for all-year use
  • Comes in Swarovski box

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the figurine made of real crystal?

Yes, the Swarovski Kris Bear figurine is made of real crystal with 449 sparkling facets.

Can I use it as a toy for children?

No, the figurine is a decoration object and not a toy. It should be handled with care.

Is it suitable for all occasions?

Yes, the Kris Bear figurine is a suitable gift for all special moments, including weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.


Add elegance and charm to your home with the beautifully crafted Swarovski Kris Bear figurines. These stunning crystal decorations are a perfect gift for all special moments and will brighten up any interior.