The Ultimate Storage Solution: CVault Storage Container (Boveda incl.)

The Ultimate Storage Solution: CVault Storage Container (Boveda incl.)

Are you tired of your herbs losing their freshness and potency? Look no further than the CVault Storage Container. This airtight stainless steel container is the ultimate solution for keeping your favorite herbs in the optimal state. With the included Boveda Pack, the relative humidity (RH) inside the container is always kept at approximately 62%, ensuring your herbs stay fresh and flavorful.

Airtight and Odor-Proof

The CVault Storage Container features an airtight seal with a rubber seal and Boveda sachet holder, ensuring that no air or moisture can enter or escape. This means that your herbs will stay fresh for a longer period of time, maintaining their potency and flavor. Additionally, the container is odor-proof, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted smells escaping.

Available in Different Sizes

We understand that everyone has different storage needs, which is why the CVault Storage Container is available in various sizes. Whether you have a small collection of herbs or a larger stash, there is a CVault size that will suit your needs perfectly. Choose the size that fits your requirements and start enjoying the benefits of airtight and odor-proof storage.

Boveda Pack Included

What sets the CVault Storage Container apart from other storage solutions is the included Boveda Pack. This pack helps to regulate the humidity inside the container, keeping it at the optimal level of approximately 62%. If your herbs are too wet, the Boveda Pack absorbs excess moisture. On the other hand, if your herbs are too dry, the pack releases moisture to bring it back to the optimal level. This ensures that your herbs stay in the best condition, ready to be enjoyed whenever you want.

Perfect for Various Uses

The CVault Storage Container is not just limited to storing herbs. It can also be used to store food, plants, spices, bread, and even tobacco. The airtight seal and humidity control provided by the Boveda Pack make it an ideal storage solution for a wide range of products. Say goodbye to stale herbs, dried-out spices, and stale bread. With the CVault Storage Container, everything stays fresh and flavorful.


If you’re looking for the ultimate storage solution for your herbs or other products, look no further than the CVault Storage Container. With its airtight seal, odor-proof design, and included Boveda Pack, it ensures that your herbs stay fresh, flavorful, and at their best. Choose the size that suits your needs and start enjoying the benefits of optimal storage today.