idooka Chiminea for Garden Outdoor Fire Pit and Patio Heater

idooka Chiminea for Garden, Outdoor Fire Pit and Patio Heater

idooka Chiminea for Garden, Outdoor Fire Pit and Patio Heater


The idooka Chiminea is an all-in-one tall fireplace with a built-in chimney, designed to enhance your outdoor living space. Made from strong and thick 0.55mm metal, this fire pit has a fire resistance rating of 600 degrees Celsius, allowing you to enjoy hours of burning wood or wood briquettes. Its black high-temperature paint is weather resistant and waterproof, ensuring durability and longevity. The wide-open front provides a full view of the intense flames and easy access to the fire inside.


  • Fire resistant to 600 degrees Celsius
  • 0.5mm thick metal construction
  • Black high-temperature paint
  • Built-in chimney
  • Included poker for fire adjustments
  • 112cm height

Stoke the Fire

The idooka Chiminea comes with an included poker, allowing you to easily stoke the fire and make any necessary adjustments while it’s burning. The poker is designed to withstand the heat from the fire and is easy to clean due to its simple design. With this beautifully designed patio fireplace, you can enjoy the ambiance and warmth in your garden or on your terrace throughout the year.

Smokeless Experience

The included chimney of the idooka Chiminea ensures that smoke is dispersed evenly, making it less dense and reducing the chances of it going into your face. This innovative design protects your paving and patios from flame damage while providing a smokeless experience. Whether it’s a BBQ, birthday celebration, or any other garden event, this fire pit has everything you need to make your evenings merry and intimate.

Convenient Size

With a diameter of 44.5cm and a height of 112cm, the idooka Chiminea is the ideal small fire pit for various occasions. It can be easily transported to camping trips, fit on your patio alongside a barbecue, or conveniently stored when not in use. Lighting and enjoying the best outside fire chimney experience is simple and hassle-free. Unlike a fire bowl, the chiminea sends smoke skywards, ensuring comfortable socializing.

All Night Use

The 0.5mm thick frame and black paint of the idooka Chiminea allow for worry-free all-night use. Its durability and heat resistance make it perfect for long nights with friends, providing unparalleled warmth and ambiance. The included poker is easily cleaned and allows for quick fire adjustments as you chat long into the night, enjoying the cozy atmosphere created by this modern chiminea.

Warmth for Everyone

Outdoor heaters and fire pits are essential for evening social gatherings, especially on chilly autumn nights. The idooka Chiminea brings friends and family together like never before, providing warmth and creating a cozy atmosphere. With the smoke dispersed by the advanced chimney design, there’ll be no stinging eyes. Watching fireworks or simply enjoying the natural fire becomes even more enjoyable with this black fire heater.